one classy broad
You Look Like A Story I Once Read...
I went a spendin' today online. Got them essentials that I've been droolin over for a good month's time as well, I should have me my own "Jesus Helps Me Trick People" tee-shirt. Woo! I've always been an ornery one, but I can't wait to wear this to church on a Sunday morning.

I've also made a CafePress account for myself and am thinking of possibly opening up a teeeeeeny tiny store. I mean, I know I'm no fascenating person, but if I can sell one more pink shirt to the world, I'm gonna try. The world needs more pink.

In relatively sane news, I've put in for a new job schedule, this one would have me going to bed at decent hours of the night if you can believe that one. Maybe my posts would stop being short stories and actually be well-thought out thises or thats on life--some meat to chew on.