one classy broad
Smitten With The Sound Of Your Taking Me For Granted...
Sometimes I take for granted how much of a failsafe music can be. Music is an amazing thing. I was watching a video of Gavin DeGraw singing "I Don't Want To Be" just him and a piano, and I got terribly choked up. I miss being fearless enough to walk into a church sanctuary and fussing about with the piano.

Music is freedom, it's a big tree to dance in the shadows of. It's a place you can curl up and rest on. I keep forgetting. I do. Truth and honesty lie in music. Lies and walls have no true place in music. It's this "thing" God created to be used for His glory...He dwells in it. How can it become this perverted thing? I don't understand!

Music, the essence of true music is this beautiful thing. That's why everyone's so drawn to it...that's why we package it and ship it and sell it for such a high price. Standing in the presence of true music is's supposed to make your knees go's supposed to let you abandon yourself. That's why Lucifer was so struck with the power of it. He thought he held the power of the world in his hand because music is so...gah!

I can understand how God would love a joyful noise...but even moreso, I could see how God could commune and dwell in music because when people sing, when people play...when they truely do those things, they're giving everything. It's impossible to give half of yourself when you're letting music drip from your tongue, your fingers, your skin...that's why people can be so afraid of music, so afraid of opening their mouths, of picking up an instrument.

I'm in love. I am.