one classy broad
It truely is autumn. Driving Bellevue Blvd. today was breath-taking. All the green and yellow and orange and red nearly put me into shut-down capacity. If there's one place that everyone needs to see, it is this road when the leaves are falling, dancing their way to the ground. The squirrls were everywhere. Their little feathery tails skittered across lawns and jumped out in front of my car at every oppertunity (no animals were harmed in the driving through of this wonderful autumn day).

I also drove around Olde Towne. They have a new record store, "Record Benders." I wondered if they carried any Palace. I thought instantly of my good friends Seth and Tony. I didn't go in, only because Seth has promised me in the next...well, two months now, that he would find his way out here, and he needs to meet Olde Towne.

I saw a fir tree changing colors for the first time. I always thought the needles just went dead. It was funny. It looked like a big green and yellow kitty. I wish I had pictures.