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The Colors Are Changing On Me Again...
The new Rosie Thomas came in the mail today. "Only With Laughter Can You Win" is quite the change from "When We Were Small." Don't get me wrong, it's still beautiful. There are just too many background vocals where there don't need to be. The song, "Red Rover," is just killing me.

"Oh just let her go,
Oh she's beautiful,
If you hold her back she may never know

I went to a volleyball game today, Logan Middle School vs. Mission Middle School. It was a lovely little game that tore me up inside. On one hand, I wanted desperately to cheer on the Logan girls...I noticed how put together as a team they are. On the other hand, the Mission girls, although scattered in their style, got the job done (and might I add, won very well). The game was all about communication...or rather, how badly they did it. It was driving me nuts when five girls would go in for the ball and leave the one outside to find a way to get the ball over the net all by her lonesome.

Am I a team player? Sometimes I forget. It's been odd trying to be part of a team lately, what with the new job, with the youth group, in the day to day. Trying to spur one another on toward faith and good deeds...teaching the people around me to be better versions of themselves...helping them to grow into their sikns, and of course them helping me to do the same. Heh, I wonder if I take it in the same way I dish it out.

I hope I grow. I think I could use it.